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Simultaneous increase in speed and quality of new opportunities for the development of the machine tool industry

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After 50 years of efforts, China's machine tool industry has made significant progress, for the national economy and national defense building a lot of basic technique and equipment for the state to make an important contribution to the modernization process. Industry-wide by the metal cutting machine tools, forging machinery, casting machinery, woodworking machinery, the amount of cutting tools, abrasives, machine tool accessories (including the scroll feature), electrical machines (including numerical control system) consisting of eight small industries. Various small industry products are divided into a number of different characteristics according to type and number of varieties, specifications, has formed a relatively complete variety of categories, and matching pieces of a certain host-based manufacturing system, and has considerable technical force with research institutes and a number of key enterprises.

China has entered the world's largest producer of machine tools, consumer and importer in the ranks of major powers. According to statistics by the end of 2004, China's machine tool industry, a total of 2023 companies (of which 959 are areas of the state-owned enterprises, accounting for 47.4%; 758 private enterprises, accounting for 37.5%; 306 foreign-funded enterprises, accounting for 15.1%), industry-wide total assets of 117.5 billion yuan, with 52 million workers already employed. International Mould & Metal & Plastic Industry Suppliers Association official Luobai Hui said that with the reform, the pattern of coexistence of various economic sectors has been formed, the machine tool industry showed good situation of rapid development, has begun to enter the development speed and quality of economic operation simultaneous growth of a new stage for China's manufacturing power from the machine tool manufacturing power forward to create a good foundation.

Competitiveness of Machine Tool Industry

Concrete progress in performance is:

1, the output value of output growth, Economic performance improved significantly

1), sales continue to pace.

2) the development of CNC machine tools faster than the industry average growth rate.

2, technology development, the results were significantly

1), through technological breakthroughs, made a number of major technological achievements. Ultra-precision processing technology in the forefront of modern nano-processing and sub-micron process technology and equipment, China has a variety of products to market: the virtual axis machine tool products have entered the practical stage; rapid prototyping technology is also a materials science and computer software technology, hardware technology disciplines, such as high-precision cutting-edge combination of technology, China has independent intellectual property rights of technology and products; machine industrial design technology, CNC machine tools has been specifically set design research center, developed a "collaborative support network of intelligent design system "; computer-aided design, manufacturing and management technology have achieved certain results.

2), application of technology development and promotion, and promoted the technical level of China-made CNC machine tools has improved significantly. Reflect the level of CNC machine tools important technical indicators, such as spindle speed, fast speed, tool change speed, cutting ability and other parameters are close to the international level, a major breakthrough in a number of key technologies, narrowing the gap with the world advanced level. Such as: the successful development of linear motor driven machine tools, increased variety of five-axis machine tools, heavy machine tools, precision machine tools, special machine tools, molding machines, CNC plane, numerical control equipment, and flexible production lines, and success of product development are badly needed and so on. These achievements, some of the equipment on the block imports, lower prices of imported equipment played a crucial role.

3, structural adjustment, significant progress

1), "during" to optimize product structure, to CNC machine tools, represented by high-tech products have become the main direction of machine tool manufacturing industry. With major changes in product mix, the economy has been the mass production of CNC machine tools, CNC machine tool production has been popular with a certain volume, high variety of CNC machine tools has increased. In machine tools, while export volume increased year by year, the export variety of change, universal CNC metal cutting machine tools have a certain amount of exports.

2) to promote corporate restructuring process reengineering. Currently, most of the separation of major state-owned enterprises is nearly complete, a considerable part of the enterprises in the specialized production process reengineering. Parts of specialized production and technology through specialized collaboration, so that the host create a more capable, not only improve the management level and production efficiency, the industry specialization also played an important role in promoting. Take various forms between enterprises reorganization, dumbbell-type structure to the new joint-stock companies and joint ventures of the rise of the industrial structure for the industry to lay the foundation for further optimization.

3), made significant progress in industrial restructuring. Mainly in the industrial concentration has been greatly improved. Machine tool industry, a number appears over million units annual output, annual output of CNC machine tool enterprises ultra-dry station. OEMs and ancillary works to further clarify the division of labor, formed a group with a certain amount of host and fittings manufacturing base.



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