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How to find and eliminate the breakdown of punching machine?

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How to find and eliminate the breakdown of punching machine?









1.Excessive heat in bearing has abrasive bronze powder in oil fluid from the bearing.

1.Lubricant is not enough.

2.The oil way has been shut off.

3.Shaft seized by bearing. The clearance is so small.

1.Supply the oil on time.

2.Check oil way and groove or facing up the bearings.

3.Re-scrape the bushing.




1.After loosening the spring of brake the slide cannot fall down or the guide ways to have fever.

2.The ejector is unable to work.


1.Insufficient clearance between slide guide way or insufficient lubrication of guide way.

2.The ejector cannot strike the knockout rod when slide moves up.

1.Readjust the clearance of guide way and replenish the oil.

2.Rotate the flywheel by hand to readjust the knockout rod, and inspect the function of ejector.



Connecting rod

1.The screw gets loose.

2.It makes a voice in ball-head position.

3.The Die Height is unusual.

1.The locking part is loosened.

2.Ball head cover is loosened. The press is overload cause the safety DISC is damage.

3.The Ball-seat or Ball-cover was fretted.

1.Tighten it with a wrench.

2.Tighten the screw and test the pressure by turning the connecting rod screw with fingers.

3.Re-scrape the Ball-seat or Ball-cover, Add or reduce the number of the gasket.




1.Clutch fails to engage when the button is depressed (or when treadle is stepped down.)

2.Has severe knocking when clutch disengaged.

1.Spring for Rolling key is broken or loosened. Tail end of Rolling key is broken or damaged.

2.The Electric system is unusual.

3.Brake band is too loose.

1.Tighten or replace the spring. Replace the Rolling key.

2.Examine the Electric system.

3.Strain the brake band.




1.The clutch fails to engage when button is depressed.    

2.The slide keeps continuous stroke in single stroke.

1.Improper adjustment of the spring or the length of pull rod

2.The rolling key is damaged.

3.The Temporal relay’s

1.Readjust the spring. Adjust the length of the pull rod.

2.Replace the rolling key.

3.Examine the Temporal relay, repair or replace the Temporal relay.



1.Excessive heat in brake.

2.Crankshaft stops over the top dead center.

1.Brake band was too tight.

2.Brake band was too loose or the Brake band was fretted.

1.Readjust the pressure of the spring.

2.Readjust the “Star Polygon Knob” to enhance the pressure of the sprung or replace the Brake band.

Driving System

1.Flywheel does not rotate after the “Start” button was depressed.

1.The “V” belt is too tight or too loose.

2.The motor is not start.

1.Adjust the tenacity of the belt.

2.Examine the Electric system.

Electric System

1.  The press does not operate after the “Start” was depressed. 

2.  The slide does not work after the “Run” was depressed.


1.The circuit is disjunct.

2.The button gets out of contact.

3.The Thermal relay is disconnected or it was damaged.

4.The relay or the electro-magnet is damaged.

1.Examine the circuit.

2.Examine the button contact.

3.Depress the “Reset” button or replace the new Thermal relay.

4.Repaired or replace the electric apparatus.

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