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Equipment industry to promote new energy rapid growth of machine tool industry

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With China's machine tool industry products, industrial structure adjustment increases, CNC machine tools, significantly increased the proportion of high-end machines, low-end products continue to reduce the proportion of the current localization rate of the machine tool industry has been raised to 70%. International Mould & Metal & Plastic Industry Suppliers Association Executive Secretary-General Luo Baihui that, while the machine tool industry growth and further accelerate the industry and product structure adjustment, promoting industrial upgrading, China's machine tool industry is still the most important and urgent task.
Equipment industry to promote new energy rapid growth of machine tool industry
China for the first time in 2009 to become the world's largest machine tool producer, but China's domestic high-end CNC machine tools needed to rely mainly on imports, the development of high-end CNC machine tools and functionality required for numerical control system components mainly from overseas. October 2010, the State Council promulgated the "speed up the cultivation and development of emerging industries of strategic decision" that the positive development of digital, flexible, and system integration technology as the core of the intelligent manufacturing equipment, which for the most important high-end CNC machine tools . The "Twelve Five" period, the development of high-end equipment manufacturing industry will be largely driven by rapid growth of the machine tool industry.
To heavy machine tools, for example, even after transformation in recent years, independent research and development and product training, whether it is the level of production capacity or product technology have made great progress, but compared with foreign products, there is still great enough. Largest gap is reflected in the core operating components of the technology and speed, to maintain the accuracy of the product, machine reliability, and the overall level and quality of machine tool manufacturing process and other aspects. Reliability is the quality of high-grade heavy-duty machine tools, a key indicator. Currently, the domestic heavy-duty CNC machine tools working hours MTBF at 300 hours, while imports of high-grade heavy-duty machine tools mean time between failures of 2000 hours or more.
In addition to traditional power generation, petrochemical equipment, wind power, nuclear power and other new energy equipment is also for promoting the rapid growth of machine tool industry and a major driving force of technological progress. It Luobai Hui said, "the processing of new energy equipment needs will be the main tool, which requires a variety of sophisticated, large CNC, machine tools a complete set. Advanced manufacturing technology and equipment, advanced machine tools, especially the new energy equipment manufacturing industry Upgrading the fundamental guarantee. "
With wind power experts said the overall design of large wind turbine and load calculation ability, control systems, generators, gear boxes, bearing the design and production ability, fan bearings, control system components need to be imported from abroad. China's wind power equipment manufacturing industry development speed, but the real core technology of small enterprises, the basic dependence on imports of key parts. The key is to restrict the promotion of domestic manufacturing technology and processing equipment is relatively backward.
Nuclear power equipment manufacturing are also facing a similar situation. According to reports, a nuclear power plant needs more than 200 types of pumps. Which the main pump is located in the heart of the nuclear island key component of the water cycle is the key to operation control of nuclear power, although the structure of the nuclear island main pump does not pump complex than others, but is extremely demanding, must have absolute reliability. The main pump pressure processing of parts and features need reliable high-precision machine tool equipment. It is precisely because there is no corresponding machining equipment, nuclear island pumps have long been controlled by others.
In addition, the production of one million kilowatts of nuclear power plant pressure vessel level, you need tons of press forging shape. Need follow-up ultra heavy-duty CNC machining vertical lathe, super heavy-duty CNC lathe, boring bar large multi-axis CNC milling machine and other processing equipment. These parts are expensive, and no spare parts, required yield must be 100%, so the reliability and stability of machine tools have a very high demand.
Currently, the industry leader is aware of the new energy equipment, energy equipment, in particular, is a gold mine, and began to actively research and development related to machine tool equipment. Takeshige independent research and development XKD2755 × 570-2M CNC milling machine set Liangshuang Long door for wind power mobile gear such large size parts processing; QI tools independently developed the world's largest heavy TK6932 CNC Double Column Boring and Milling Machine for large hydropower generating units , very large nuclear power plant provides a key piece processing machine tools; China's first silicon solar multi-line automatic slicer has announced the successful development.
German machine tool giant hand and Japan to promote industrial upgrading
April 20, the world's three leading enterprises DD Shenyang Machine Tool, Mori Seiki, Japan, Germany GILDEMEISTER joint release of information, tripartite cooperation, a joint venture in Shenyang, for changes in the world and the Chinese machine tool industry to upgrade needs, joint venture mainly for high-end corporate demand for the development tools market new products, machine tools work together to promote industrial upgrading.
This is the world's first machine cooperation of three well-known enterprises, the production of machine tools for machining centers are high-end products, mainly to meet the sophisticated home electronics and automotive component manufacturing needs. World machine tool industry leading three-way cooperation will accelerate the Shenyang build a world-class advanced equipment manufacturing base of the pace.
On circular economy in Germany in the Investigation Group of the West recycled plastic park
Recently, experts from the recycling of waste mountain in Japan is still within the diurnal cycle, led by economic cooperation projects in the research group came to West Germany of recycled plastic, Shandong Industrial Park research. Zhang, general manager of the guests a warm reception line units.
Yamauchi is still his party visited the park's water treatment plant, primary processing area, showroom. At the forum, Zhang Taiwan introduced Delixi renewable resources, recycled plastic recycling industrial park situation and status of development of the park. Research group fully affirmed the Industrial Park West Germany in plastic recycling, renewable resources, the work done. They want to accelerate the development of the park to find and match the industrial technology of Japan vein entry point, the Japanese advanced experience and technology into the project, the development of veins suitable for China's industrial implementation of the program, and then as a demonstration project success stories into the country.


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